Our Road To IVF – Moral Issues

When we did not become pregnant on our own, I began to wonder how I, as a Christian, should feel about assisted reproductive technology.  I didn’t know much about procedures like AI or IVF, except having developed a few preconceived ideas from a couple of ladies who had experienced infertility and shared their thoughts.  Based on that, I wondered if it was even ethical or moral for me as a Christian to pursue.  How do I determine what is right or wrong?  Were we taking the situation out of God’s hands?  These are just a few of the moral issues I needed to discover the answer to.

After searching on the internet, I came across the website for the Christian Medical and Dental Association (cmda.org) and found they had published their statements concerning issues and ethics on Reproductive Technology & Health.  Even among Christians in the medical field, there was agreement on the biblical principles but not total agreement on the practical application of the principles.  Not every technological procedure may be morally justified.

Below I have shared a couple of statements that stood out to me when reading from the CMDA website:

“Paradoxically, the advent of assisted reproductive technology (ART) has in some instances increased the anguish of infertile couples.  Because these technologies are now available to those who can afford them, couples must make choices about whether to undergo such assistance, how many cycles to attempt, etc.  Such additional choices can cause them greater turmoil – socially, financially, and morally.  Just because certain technology is available does not automatically mean that it is morally justified or that it should be used.”

“Conclusion: CMDA affirms the need for continued moral scrutiny of our developing reproductive technology as it impacts the family.  We recognize that as physicians we must use our creative capacity within the limits of God’s design.  Couples who suffer from infertility should be encouraged to seek pastoral guidance and counsel, as well as to pray for God’s wisdom in the use of these technologies.”

This website has proven to be very helpful to me and brings to the forefront the sovereignty of God and the sanctity of life when seeking direction about assisted reproductive technology.  I trust it will be a great help to you also.