Rainbows And Remembrance

One of the most awesome creations in God’s nature is the rainbow.  I’ve always looked at the rainbow and smiled as I pause to remember God’s promise.  Didn’t God say He would put a bow in the cloud so we would remember His promise?  I was recently reminded in Genesis 9:16 that we are not the only ones who look at the rainbow and remember.  “I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you.”  When the bow is in the cloud, God looks upon it and remembers also!  How comforting and humbling that God remembers His covenant, too.

My favorites thoughts to ponder from Matthew Henry’s Commentary on this verse of the rainbow and remembrance:

“When we see a rainbow, our eye affects our heart and confirms the faith.  God remembers!  We also remember.”

“The rainbow appears when the clouds are most disposed to wet, and returns after the rain; when we have most reason to fear the rain prevailing, God shows this seal of the promise that it shall not prevail.”

“The thicker the cloud the brighter the bow in the cloud.  As threatening afflictions abound, encouraging consolations much more abound.”

Rainbow by j-full-love


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