Scenic Route – The Road Life Was Made For

My husband and I have a book called The Most Scenic Drives in America and when we have the opportunity to travel, we try to plan part of our trip driving along the scenic routes recommended in the book.  In October 2005 we were able to take a short trip to New England, and fortunately for us, the fall foliage was late that particular year.  After flying in to New York, we took scenic drives through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  The drive routes in the book showed different points of interest, the background behind it, and the best season to go.  This definitely helped us plan our trip better and enjoy the drive.

What did we enjoy most about the scenic routes?  Taking in the colorful and breathtaking views, learning more about America’s history, traveling at the right time – the fall foliage season, making memories – an unforgettable trip with its wonder, splendor, and marvels.

Our route back to catch our flight was completely different.  We were in Maine and had to be in New York that afternoon!  We didn’t take any scenic drives; we needed to get to the airport as fast as possible.  The most direct route was the expressway.

The only reason I can think of taking the expressway is to get to our destination quicker.  On the path of infertility, we’re not thinking about enjoying the views along the way.  We want the quickest way to a baby.

Many times along our journey of infertility I stopped to realize God wanted us to take the scenic route instead of the expressway.  After changing OB-GYNs and reproductive endocrinologists several times, not to mention the waiting as well as the weighing of decisions – are we supposed to move forward with treatments, adopt, or both – I would find myself thinking, “Why didn’t I go to this doctor three years ago?” or “Why didn’t we know about this option sooner?” or “We could have tried this treatment last year!”

The Lord simply didn’t lead that way.  He didn’t want me to take the expressway.  He gave me the scenic route.  The route was definitely more colorful and dramatic with its twists and turns, mountaintops and valleys, and stops and starts.  I also learned more by taking the longer way – more about faith, patience, trust, joy – just to name a few.  I wouldn’t go back and change it either.  This was God’s timing; therefore it was the perfect time.  This is the path He chose for me – the scenic route – the road life was made for!

Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.”

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