One Day Closer

We enjoy counting down the days to a special occasion or exciting event that is going to happen in our lives, don’t we?  I counted down the days until my wedding day and always count down the days until vacation or Christmas.  It brings a lot of excitement and anticipation.

We can also look for the coming of something special even though we don’t know when it’s coming – as in the second coming of Jesus Christ.  The Bible says we don’t know the day or the hour, but we should be ready (Matthew 24:36-44).

In my Streams in the Desert journal, the entry for January 19th says prayers remaining unanswered mean the moment of the answer is so much nearer.  I believed God had not said “no” to my prayers for a baby; He was saying “not yet” or “wait.”  Since our prayers had remained unanswered for so long, it must really be so much nearer!

In my journal, I had written in 2004 that I was trying to clean up my office at work.  I started clearing out files and junk in anticipation of when I would quit work to stay home with my baby.  Although I didn’t know the date, I knew it was one day closer than yesterday!  I adopted that as my new motto – “One Day Closer”.  When rereading that entry a year later in 2005, I just had to smile and say, “I’m not just one day closer, I’m one year closer!”  Still hopeful, too.  In 2006, it was exciting to write a p.s. by that entry – I was pregnant and only had about 28 days left until the anticipated day of my baby’s birth.  I didn’t realize it when I wrote that entry I was actually 2 days closer instead of 28 because he arrived four weeks early!

“Prayer which takes the fact that past prayers have not been answered as a reason for languor, has already ceased to be the prayer of faith.  To the prayer of faith the fact that prayers remain unanswered is only evidence that the moment of the answer is so much nearer.  From first to last, the lessons and examples of our Lord all tell us that prayer which cannot persevere and urge its plea importunately, and renew, and renew itself again, and gather strength from every past petition, is not the prayer that will prevail.”  William Arthur, Streams in the Desert, January 19th.


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