My Opportunity for Importunity

In January 2005, we were accepted into a shared-risk program for IVF.  Our 1st IVF attempt in January of that year did not result in a pregnancy.  Although it was difficult to hear that my pregnancy test was negative, we knew we had two more chances.  My husband’s words of comfort were that he was still confident I would get pregnant.  In my previous post, I said the evangelist’s message on importunity was preached on March 30th.  That gave me renewed hope to persevere in my petitions, to keep praying for a baby.  The dictionary defines importunity as the quality or state of being overly persistent in request or demand; to beg for urgently.

Our 2nd IVF attempt in April was cancelled because of a cyst.  Our 3rd IVF attempt in July resulted in a pregnancy – for about a week.  One of two embryos implanted, but it did not continue.  After the July IVF attempt, we thought we would have one last chance with the shared-risk program, since it allowed three attempts.  What we did not realize at the time was that they considered the cancelled cycle one of the attempts.  So one day they left a message on our answering machine saying they were refunding 70% of our money!  After praying about it and consulting with our specialist, we decided to try one more time.  That IVF – 3rd attempt to us – occurred in October 2005.

I mentioned hearing that message on importunity twice in the space of seven months.  It was as if the Lord knew I needed one more shot of encouragement to keep praying and asking.  On October 30th, the same evangelist preached at our church from the same exact text!  I smiled to myself when I realized it was the same message.  I thought, “God wants me to hear this message again!”  It was for me!  This was my opportunity to keep praying.  I just said, “OK, Lord.  I’m going to keep asking you for a baby.”

Again, this was the evangelist’s message.  Praying is asking.  Importunity means relentless asking.  Keep at it until our prayer is answered.  Keep praying until we get what we wanted and asked for, not a no, or a maybe, but a yes!

My retrieval day was 4 days later on November 3rd.  This final IVF attempt was not without another exercise in faith that I’ll share in another entry, but on November 16th, my first pregnancy test was positive and this time, it continued!  I was finally pregnant!

The November 17th entry of Streams in the Desert shares these thoughts on importunity.  “God will hear prayer, but He may not answer it at the time which we in our minds have appointed; He will reveal Himself to our seeking hearts, but not just when and where we have settled in our own expectations.  Hence the need of perseverance and importunity in supplication.  Never let us despair.  God’s time for mercy will come; yea, it has come, if our time for believing has arrived.  Ask in faith, nothing wavering; but never cease from petitioning because the King delays to reply.”  C. H. Spurgeon


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