Inspiration from Our Modern-Day Examples

Reading the Bible stories and studies of women, such as Sarah and Hannah, who experienced infertility and then became mothers, inspires me.  Just as enjoyable is learning about our modern-day examples: women in this day and age who desired a baby but were barren until God miraculously opened their wombs and/or gave them a baby through the miracle of adoption.  To borrow a phrase from Paul in Philippians 2:17b, “I joy and rejoice with you all.”

Although we share the common bond of infertility, God answers our prayers in a special and unique way.  Many of the stories I will share are women who experienced infertility the same time I did.  God brought us together to help each other on this journey and pray for one another.  Others were barren before me; they knew what I was going through and comforted and encouraged me.  May the testimonies shared inspire you with renewed courage, spirit, and hope as you continue your journey through infertility.  Wait and see what God will do for you.


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