Top 10 Rude Remarks

If you have tried for any length of time to get pregnant, you’ve no doubt heard your share of comments – hurtful, thoughtless, insensitive comments – about your infertility.  I am not really planning on listing the Top 10 Rude Remarks.  I never really made a list, and it’s probably not healthy to rehash them here!

A couple of comments people said to me were hurtful, and in my mind, seemed intentional.  Another time a man, who was obviously clueless about my plight, made probably the most thoughtless remark ever.  It might have been better to just stand there and say, “Yes, as a matter of fact, we have been trying for a year; maybe you can pray for us.”  Instead, I just wanted to disappear.  I quietly walked away and into the nearest bathroom to cry.  Most of the other comments probably came from well-meaning people who didn’t even realize what they said was insensitive and others who were intending to encourage me.  Sometimes, I just wanted to say, “If you think that makes me feel any better, it doesn’t!”

I learned people are sometimes more difficult than even my circumstances.  People are thieves of joy, too.


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